Distributions based on total return in Pooled Income Fund?

Distributions based on total return in Pooled Income Fund?

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Most pooled income funds I am aware of distribute investment income (dividends and interest) only. Is it permissible to establish a pooled income fund that makes distributions of a stated percentage, similar to a CRT? Central to my question is whether this "income only" restriction is an IRS stipulation that applies to PIFS, or whether it is simply a common feature of most PIF Trust documents, made by choice. Is UPMIFA relevant to this question? If anyone can shed light on this, please do.

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Pooled Unitrust Fund
You may be able to do this, but there are some gray areas and hurdles to overcome, as explained by California attorney Reynolds Cafferata in his outline from the 2003 NCPG conference, which you can access for free via the link at left side of this web site.
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