Engaging Professional Client Advisors

Engaging Professional Client Advisors

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Has anyone done market research related to the engagement of professional advisors (i.e., accountants, estate lawyers, insurance planners, private wealth managers)? Specifically, we are trying to determine if and how advisors influence the philanthropic decisions of their clients. At this point, we are trying to gather as much existing data/information as we can find so as to not recreate the wheel. Thank you for any information you can provide. I will be happy to share our findings once this phase of our plan is complete. Best, Darrin Darrin Goldin Development Executive, Planned Giving & Endowments UJA-Federation of New York 130 E. 59th Street New York, NY 10022 Phone: 212.584.3324 Fax: 212.836.1172

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Engaging Client Advisors
On my team of nine, we routinely aprise clients proactively of estate planning and gifting strategies. I am not aware of any studies but I believe it is routine practice for those advisors who work with high net worth clients. We have a team at HQ that prepares a great deal of educational material to aid our clients in their gifting. We have never put ourselves in the position of suggesting to clients WHICH charity to donate to, but we have worked with many charitable organizations and non-profits directly in educating their current patrons on how to effectively donate. Maria L. Holtz, AAMS®, CFP® Financial Consultant The Alcaraz Mercadante West Investment Group of Wells Fargo Advisors
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Engaging client advisors
Great topic! Possible the the partnership for Philanthropic Planning (the old NCPG) has research on this as well the Estate Planning Council. I do remember a report by one of the major brokerage firm that in the past two years that indicated a real lack of knowledge on philanthropic planning in their arena. Let you know if I can locate anything and most interested in your findings. Jim Chitwood, BCCC Foundation, Maryland.
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engaging professional client advisors
I am the principal for a group of some 60 wealth advisors. Please feel free to contact me. Briefly, many of our clients have charitable intent and we do assist them. Additionally, many groups that we work with regularly ask for our assistance with donors on certain issues. I am no aware of any studies done in this area but would be interested in hearing about their results. call me if you wish 501-221-6336 ben robinson, cima morgan stanley smith barney the six bridges group
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Engaging Advisers
Dear Darrin, There is such research, but the source eludes me at the moment. Over the past 8-9 months I have met with numerous advisers (financial planners, CPAs, attorneys and trust officers) and find that the degree of discussion about charitable giving varies dramatically from waiting for the client to bring it up to asking if the client has charitable intent when crafting a will to providing very sophisticated information to clients regarding charitable giving and a firm's ability to manage a charitable giving portfolio. My experience dovetails with what I recall reading in the research, which is that more advisers than not do not actively bring up the subject, and, if they do, they typically do not address the topic directly (a few do). Sophie Penney Director of Development Foxdale Vilage www.foxdalevillage.org
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