pooled income fund real estate

pooled income fund real estate

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Colleagues, We could use your help. In 2003, PGDC wrote a wonderful article on pooled income funds and how universities and colleges are leading the way with PIFs created for the purpose of holding university real estate (a terrific way to provide a stable and competitive return to donors). My institution is beginning one too and would love to benefit from your research. If you represent an organization that has formed one, and feel charitably inclined to help provide us with a little guidance, we would be ever so appreciative. Charitable blessings, Dr. Craig Young, Foundation President Vanguard University 714.556.3610 x2022 cyoung@vanguard.edu

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Real Estate Pooled Income Funds
My company, Charitable Consultants, Inc., through then partner Emil Kallina, esq., receiveed 21 PLR's and pioneered the development of the Real Estate Pooled Income Fund. Please contact me for further Information. mpgoodrich@comcast.net Michael P. Goodrich Charitable Consultants, Inc. 1010 Cloverlea Rd Baltimore, MD 21204-6811 410-494-1041
7520 Rates:  July 3.4%  June 3.4%  May 3.2%

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