State Income Tax Charitable Deductions

State Income Tax Charitable Deductions

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Which states also allow state income tax charitable deductions that follow federal deductibility guidelines?

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Good thing we love to
Good thing we love to explore the scenario behind the issue on taxes.A date which few relish is Tax Day, which is April 18 this year. There has been a lot of discussion about how large a tax burden is actually placed on the taxpayers, and how oppressive the income tax is. Almost 50 percent of income tax filers will not owe the government a dime. So over half of The United States will not need so-much-as cash advance to file their taxes.
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IRA MRD's direct to Charity
What is the possibility of allowing MRD's in 2010 being given directly to charities as in 2009?
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Michigan has a wonderful tax credit (not a deduction) that allows individuals to reduce their state taxes by up to $200 for a $400 gift for married couples filing jointly in three categories: community foundation endowed funds; homeless shelters & food banks; and "public contributions" to libraries, colleges & universities, public broadcasting, & state cultural institutions. The credit is up to $100 for a $200 gift from individuals, or up to $5,000 for a $10,000 gift from corporations or resident estates or trusts. All three tax credits can be taken each year at the 50% level, up to the maximums listed above.
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State income tax charitable deductions
Sue, thanks. I can definitely make use of this on a current case, for a college in Michigan. Jim James B. Wootton Author, Real Estate Gift 2006 American Charter Press
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