Tax Deduction for Brick Purchase

Tax Deduction for Brick Purchase

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I'm trying to get an answer on what amount is tax deductible for a commemorative brick purchase. I was advised that the cost of the brick's creation and installation was not tax deductible because the donor received recognition for that, but any amount over the actual cost was tax deductible. Anyone have any experience on this?

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Looks like the bricks in the ground are 100% tax deductible (which makes sense since you actually do not RECEIVE the brick). The replicas for home use have a different outcome. I do not know how this organization got the calculations,.... COMMEMORATIVE BRICKS Selected Brick Type Deductible Amount Percentage of Donation 4"x8" Brick $150.00 100% 8"x8" Brick $300.00 100% 8"x8" Logo Brick $325.00 100% REPLICAS Selected Replica Type Deductible Amount Percentage of Donation 4"x8" Brick $34.63 53% 8"x8" Brick $70.24 56% 8"x8" Logo Brick $92.49 62%
7520 Rates: June 3.4% May 3.2% April 3.2%

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